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Social Security Income (SSI)

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Every month, the Social Security Administration (SSA) gives out supplemental security payments to over 4.5 million disabled Americans under the age of 65. 

The government’s supplemental security income (SSI, or SSDI) program helps disabled Americans whose disabilities prevent them from working. Payments are awarded to individuals and families whose income is low. The biggest problem with the system is that many people who qualify for government aid are unaware that they are eligible. 

We have submitted successful applications for our clients Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania and throughout New Jersey, and we have a 90% approval rate as of October, 2014. Whether you suffer from severe depression, upper and lower respiratory impairments, herniated disks in your spine, or any other debilitating condition that prevents you from working, then you could qualify for SSI and begin receiving monthly payments. 

Social Security Income at a Glance

Before the Social Security Administration (SSA) even looks at your disabling condition, it looks at financial qualifications. Supplemental Security Income is awarded to individuals and families who have not worked enough to qualify for SSD. In some cases, my clients would have qualified for SSD but then became ineligible because they did not work for a long time, and their coverage lapsed. You can check your eligibility right now by completing online registration with the SSA website

It does not matter whether you have worked a day in your life; you can still receive SSI. In fact, children can qualify for SSI, and their checks are sent to the parent until they turn 18. The first requirement for SSI is related to income, meaning that in 2014 you must earn less than $721 ($1,082 for married partners) in order to qualify. Many of our clients live below the poverty line, and many earn more than $721 per month, but their applications are still approved. Because some types of income do not count toward the income level, it is always better to consult a disability attorney if you are anywhere close to the income requirement. 

If your application is accepted, then you will receive monthly payments.

<<Read more detailed information on qualifying for SSI and the maximum monthly amount.>>

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