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Social Security Disability (SSD)

It takes courage to admit that a previous injury or medical condition is harming your ability to work. It is difficult to acknowledge, and even more difficult to take action. Whether or not your pain or injury will lead you to leave the workforce, seeking the counsel of an experienced attorney can lead to better decisions and a greatly improved, long-term financial outlook – for you and your family. 

SSD provides income to people who worked before their disability decreased their earning potential. You need to have worked for 10 "quarters" (2.5 years) in a job that qualifies for SSD directly before your injury/issue prevented you from working. Earnings from those quarters will be used to determine the amount of social security you receive, which is why we recommend consultation before your injury forces you to reduce your hours.

Cataldi & Associates works with all forms of injury, including chronic pain, back injury, depression, asthma, and acute accidents. One of my clients called me when he was 48 years old. He was on salary for years, but he started to experience severe back pain. Eventually, he went to his primary care physician and asked what the problem was. The doctor told him he had 3 herniated disks in his back. My client's back had simply aged wrong, and the pain in his back was severe. He could not perform tasks of daily living, much less work anymore.

By the time he received help for his back pain, the injury was literally crippling. Often, our clients can suffer substantial pain before they turn to legal action. This can lead to decreased earning potential well before the call is made.

Consult with a Social Security Attorney to plan your exit from the workforce

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It is important to document the injury and plan your exit from the workforce in order to receive what you deserve. Many people continue to work but with a decreasing workload for a number of years before filing an SSD claim. This strategy does not always result in the most favorable outcome in terms of lifetime earnings. If you or someone you love is experiencing difficulty at work, please contact our office.

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