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Find a Treatment Center in Philadelphia

Substance abuse is one of the most common reasons for the initial denial of a social security claim. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome that challenge and receive support for your disability. I often counsel my clients to quit their substance abuse and seek rehabilitation immediately. Easier said than done, I know, but this tactic works. After one year of rehabilitation and discontinued use, my clients can appeal the initial denial and begin to receive aid.  

In these cases, I also ask for the social security benefits that would have been paid to my clients for the year of their rehabilitation. The reason being that if the substance abuse was discontinued, and the underlying disability still prevented gainful employment, then my client would have been entitled to social security all along. I have seen this tactic change lives – not only the lives of my clients, but the lives of their families, their children, and their children’s children. Quitting is extremely difficult, but it is worth the effort. And it is possible when you ask for help.

If you think you have a substance abuse problem, or if you have been denied social security due to a history of alcoholism or drug abuse, then seek help at one of the recovery centers below. Many of these take Medicare/Medicaid and will help you find a bed for the beginning of the recovery process. They will also document your stay, which we can use to prove your discontinued use.

Treatment Centers in Philadelphia, PA

Substance Abuse Helpline – (215) 987-3454

Caton Village – (215) 978-8010

Parkside Recovery – (215) 879-6116

Rehab after Work – (800) 238-4357

Treatment Centers in Montgomery County, PA

Gaudenzia Montgomery County Outpatient – (610) 279-4262

Montgomery County Methadone Center – (610) 272-3710

Treatment Centers in Bucks County, PA

PRO-ACT alcoholism treatment program – (215) 345-6644

Aldie Counseling Center – (215) 345-8530

Treatment Centers in Chester County, PA

Gaudenzia Concord Place – (610) 399-3555

Coatesville Treatment Center – (610) 466-9250

Treatment Centers in Delaware County, PA

Family and Community Services Drug and alcohol rehab – (610) 626-5800

Treatment Centers in Camden County, NJ

Sikora Center, Inc. Alcoholism Treatment – (856) 963-1312

Urban Treatment Associates Drug rehab – (856) 338-1811

Treatment Centers in Atlantic County, NJ

The Watershed Addiciton Treatment Centers – (800) 310-6558

Lighthouse at May’s Landing – (609) 625-4900

Treatment Centers in Burlington County, NJ

Burlington Drug Abuse – (609) 726-7140

Treatment Centers in Gloucester County, NJ

Daytop Village Treatment – (856) 307-2040

Rehab after Work – (856) 202-8050