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Personal Injury Attorney Referrals

Whether you found us on Google, received a referral from us, or heard about us, we value any opportunity to connect with other Philadelphia attorneys. We are a boutique law firm in the areas of personal injury and social security law. Our clients benefit from our ability to communicate, as well as our negotiation and advocacy skills. We will reflect well on your firm, and we would be happy to hear from you.

Generous Referral Fee

You want to hand off cases to attorneys who can win big and win quickly. We push to resolve cases and shape the dialogue in the best interest of our clients. When our cases go to court, we win, but often our aggressive tactics lead to favorable resolution, quicker than many other firms. 

Our referral fees are generous because we are looking for law firms who value the referral network and who are willing to give and receive generously.

Extensive Client Network in Philadelphia and Surrounding Area

As a boutique law firm with a large social network in and around the city (Chester County, Bucks County, Camden, and Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Delaware County in Pennsylvania, as well as Atlantic County, Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey), we refer cases regularly and would be happy to add you to our referral network.

Our social security practice exposes us to a large population, which often have other legal requirements that are outside our field of expertise. As you can imagine, we refer the cases we cannot handle to our trusted firms in Philadelphia, expecting a commensurate level of respect and service from the firms in our network. 

A Personal Injury and Social Security Law Firm You Can Trust 

We treat everyone with dignity and respect. Whether you are a personal injury attorney, or one of our smallest clients, we will show you the respect that every individual deserves. For more information about our law firm, please read our about us page, or fill out the referral form below.