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Personal Injury: Premises Liability: Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall accidents are the second largest cause of accident fatalities in the United States. Out of approximately 28,000 reported falls a day, 60 will lead to death. Over the course of a year, 600,000 of these accidents will require treatment in a hospital. The experienced personal injury team at Cataldi & Associates will represent clients who were seriously injured by falling in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

We represent clients with fractures, broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, and head and neck injuries. The physical, mental, financial, and emotional hardships suffered as the result of these accidents can affect a victim’s life for years after the initial accident.

Damages and Compensation in Slip & Fall Lawsuits

The victim is entitled to compensation for the full extent of damages. These include hospital bills and medical expenses, including prescription drugs. Homecare nurses and rehabilitation services, such as physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, speech therapy and any other specialized care. Any lost wages, both present and projected losses are also considered damages owed the victim.  

When a slip causes the victim to become disabled, the expenses required to install the proper precautionary equipment in the home, such as railings, is also reimbursed.

Proving Negligence as the Cause of a Slip

Slip & Fall injuries are covered by premises liability law. Under premises liability law, the owner of a property is responsible for the proper maintenance and care of the building, property, or home. The premises should be reasonably safe and secure for anyone who visits, including guests, customers, and even trespassers.  

Although this rule applies to all business and landowners, even more is demanded of innkeepers and transportation companies, such as bus, airlines, and hotel owners. These organizations and institutions are expected to adhere to a higher standard of conduct. It is the owner’s duty to conduct inspections, use reasonable care, and warn of any hazards, such as wet floors.  

In some cases, negligence is obvious, as in the case of torn or bulging carpet, no written records of examination, cleaning, or repairing the premises, or when lighting was broken or poor. However, multiple government agencies have established a complex assortment of standards that might not seem obvious but are nonetheless binding. An experienced premises liability lawyer will be able to determine the codes or laws that the property owner violated and aggressively pursue the full compensation for all damages resulting from the injury.  

If you have been the victim of a Slip & Fall, do not hesitate to contact an experienced law firm. Cataldi & Associates can help you. Give us a call or fill out a FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM!

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