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Personal Injury: Workplace Accidents

The number of workplace fatalities has decreased by 25% over the last decade, to 4,405 deaths in 2013. This is due to the increase in safety compliance codes and regulations that help protect workers from unsafe working environments.  

Unsafe and noncompliant environmental factors include electrical hazards, defective equipment, exposure to hazardous materials, unsafe fire protection, and more.  

Workers who are injured on the job often suffer from severe injuries, pertaining to the spinal cord, brain, or head. These types of wounds can permanently alter the quality of life of the victim, requiring constant medical attention, and incurring a disability that prevents the individual from returning to work.  

The workplaces that most commonly result in serious injury are construction sites and industrial plants where explosions and faulty equipment can lead to substantial damage, and even death. However, accidents occur in every industry. When they do, the victim of the incident is often entitled to workers’ compensation for their injuries and lost wages.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Injured employees often feel compelled to undervalue their claim for medical benefits, return to work prematurely, or to accept low cash settlements for permanent disabilities. This can worsen the implications of an already serious injury, and add long-term financial burden on top of the injury itself. That is why it is extremely important to seek experienced legal counsel with a personal injury lawyer who has seen what catastrophic effects a workplace injury can cause.  

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides for medical expenses and wage-loss compensation through either private insurance companies or through the State Workers’ Insurance Fund. To receive compensation, the victim is required to file the injury as soon as possible. If the claim is denied, either due to tardiness or any other reason, we can petition the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a hearing. In those cases where a judge upholds the denial, the victim might need to pursue a civil lawsuit against the employer, or against a third party.

Third-party Personal Injury Claims

In many cases, the negligence of a third party, such as an independent contractor, or an equipment manufacturer could be the cause of the injury. In these cases, compensation can be awarded through workers’ compensation, as well as through the other person responsible for the injuries.  

We have seen serious injuries result in substantially greater remuneration than workers’ compensation coverage. We can help you receive the compensation your injury deserves. Call us for a free consultation today.

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