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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most collisions occur as the direct result of driver negligence. Typically, these collisions reach a settlement outside of court, whereby the negligent party agrees to provide compensation for the other’s medical expenses, vehicle damages, pain and suffering on account of injuries, missed work, and other damages. We aggressively pursue settlement to insure the injured person receives the maximum possible compensation in the shortest time possible.

Car Crashes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Drivers are expected to obey traffic safety rules, taking care that their vehicle does not harm themselves or anyone else. Reckless driving behaviors not only include direct breeches in law, such as speeding, ignoring traffic lights, and improper signaling. Car crashes can occur as a direct result of driver negligence from texting, talking to other passengers, or even driving too slowly.  

When a victim of motor vehicle accidents, including car and truck drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians sustain injuries, even as the result of a seemingly minor infraction, the entirety of the fiscal responsibility goes to the negligent driver. Injuries sustained from car crashes is often severe, including brain injuries, damage to the spinal cord, burns, as well as medical conditions that cause permanent disability or impairment for years to come.    

We look at the long-term effects of a motor vehicle accident when settling your case, preparing to argue before opposing counsel, or a judge: 1) Careless driving caused the car crash; 2) The accident caused your injuries; and 3) Therefore, the negligent party is responsible for the extent of your damages.    

Even if you or your loved one was partially at fault for the accident, you could still be entitled to compensation.

Under the comparative negligence laws in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we can argue our clients were less negligent than the other driver(s) involved. After we establish who is more to blame, we can establish that some or most of the damages associated with the crash should be covered by the other driver.   

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