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Personal Injury: Medical Malpractice

It is impossible for a medical mistake victim to know if they have suffered as the result of negligent medical care. Medical professionals are expected to follow the accepted standards, and a failure to do so is an instance of medical malpractice. These cases are more common than you would think and can lead to serious injury and even death. Malpractice is common at multiple stages in the treatment process, from the moment of the initial diagnosis, to surgery. The National Institute of Health records that almost 200,000 deaths occur annually as the result of medical errors; over half of these are caused by deadly side effects of prescribed medications; and 2,000 deaths result from surgery that was unnecessary.  

Instances of negligence on the part of a medical professional can often have severe, life-threatening consequences. The law considers these mistakes to be catastrophic, which means they can become worse over time, harming an individual’s ability to work, and might require frequent medical attention.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Law: Medical Malpractice

Personal injury law entitles the victim of medical malpractice to receive full compensation for the damages that resulted from negligent care. This covers financial, physical, mental, and emotional injuries, both present and in the future, as in the case of lost future income and continued rehabilitation/medical attention.  

Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, the statute of limitations on a medical malpractice suit is 2 years. This means that a lawsuit must commence within 2 years of the alleged malpractice. There are exceptions to the statute of limitations. For instance, the timer on the statute does not begin until the victim could have become aware of the instance of malpractice.   An experienced medical malpractice attorney will understand the law and also be aware of a broad array of medical facts. These come into play when preparing medical expert witnesses, and preparing claims to the negligence of the medical professional, or group.  

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