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Premises Liability: Dog Bites

There are approximately 5 million reported cases of dog bites every year, causing insurance companies to pay out roughly $1.3 billion to compensate the victims, some of whom are killed in dog attacks. Most bite claims do not see a court room, due to only minor injuries or settlements outside of court.  

It is important to note that the majority of victims sustaining severe injuries are children. Roughly 82%, or over four-fifths, of victims requiring care in the Emergency room were under 15 years old. Children are also much more likely to die from dog bites.  

Families should therefore take caution if there are dogs in the neighborhood. This might include education for children about what to do and not do around dogs, but it is also important that the dog owner understand the full extent of his/her responsibility to keep his pet under control and safe.  

Owners are legally obligated to train, restrain, and supervise their pets. This prevents the dog from breaking loose from the property and causing damage in the neighborhood. If dogs are kept outside, then a fully functional fence is required. And when outside the fenced area, leash laws must be observed.  

This comprehensive set of responsibilities makes it highly likely that if a dog bite was sustained, then the owner is at fault for negligence.

Dog Bite Claims

If you or a family member has been injured by a dog, and the owner is at fault, the injured person can seek due compensation. Cataldi & Associates will push for the maximum compensation according to the laws of Pennsylvania or New Jersey, outside and inside the courtroom.  

Although we pursue an aggressive strategy to settle your claim early, sometimes opposing counsel needs the court to back up our clients and force compensation. If you or someone you love has been victim to a dog attack, then please call our offices today for a free consultation.  

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