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About Cataldi & Associates

Rick Cataldi and Shina Kang

I founded Cataldi & Associates in 2005 to help those in need, whether it be from sustaining injuries in a car accident, or because of ongoing illness rendering them unable to work. Our first priority is to help. We treat clients with empathy and respect, and we win financial support through negotiation and litigation before the courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Our boutique legal practice deals with two areas of the law, social security and personal injury. These two practices are linked by injury. We help our clients recover compensation as the result of a medical condition, or an accident that has resulted in significant damages – in the form of medical bills, inability to work, and emotional/mental trauma. If you have been hospitalized for an injury, or have sought help for an underlying medical issue, then we can and want to help you. 

Our firm recognizes that there are two components to our practice – winning rightful compensation, and helping our clients through what can be a stressful legal process. We communicate frequently and effectively so that you always understand what is happening, where you stand, and what actions we are taking on your behalf. 

Personal Injury Law

When a person or persons sustains injuries in a motor vehicle accident, we fight to win the client’s claim. We handle all levels of cases: Arbitration; Mediations; Bench Trials; and Jury Trials. This means that we are prepared to handle your case, no matter what happens – whether opposing counsel agrees to settle, or if we take the matter before a judge or jury.

We typically push aggressively for favorable settlements because this gives you immediate relief, saves you time, and lets you move forward with life as quickly as possible.

I meet most of my clients in their homes, so I can get to know them and help them most effectively with their problems. We often set up the medical portion of the claim for our clients so they can receive treatment for their injuries. We follow along with the treatment to be sure that diagnostic testing is completed, and when necessary, we have diagnostic testing reviewed by experts to tie the injuries to the accident.

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Social Security Law

We represent Claimants denied social security benefits - whether they be Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD/SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We handle Claimant matters from their inception to the final decision, even if that takes a rigorous and determined appeals process. Our approval rate is currently 90%; 90% of my clients receive financial support from the government for medical conditions that prevent them from working. Even though that is already extremely high, we want to raise that figure a bit higher in 2015.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

My practice continually strives to exceed expectations, and the client comes first. I work from a position of compassion and empathy, and fight to gain successful results for all of my clients. Don't take my word; ask around! I treat people with dignity and respect, and the results speak for themselves.

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